Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be contacted in the event of a loss?

The Insured can call 1-866-634-4465 to submit a new claim, but we recommend that the insured also contact their servicing producer to make them aware of any claims.

What are the cancellation rules and procedures?

• A. MWUA policies may be cancelled on a pro-rata basis for the following reasons. 1. Coverage is replaced by another Company. Satisfactory evidence must be provided to MWUA 2. The property is sold. Satisfactory evidence must be provided to MWUA 3. There is a total loss of the property. 4. MWUA determines that the property is no longer insurable under the Rules and Procedures of MWUA. B. The effective date of mid-term cancellations will in no event be more than one year prior to receipt of proper written cancellation request along with satisfactory evidence. C. Cancellation for any reason other than reasons stated above shall result in a fully earned, non-refundable premium to MWUA.

Who bills the mortgage company for a new application?

• It is the agent's responsibility to bill the mortgage company if the premium is escrowed, and premium must be submitted along with the new application.

Does MWUA provide premium financing, payment/installment plans or accept credit card payments?

MWUA does have an optional 4 pay plan. MWUA does not accept credit card payments, but premium can be paid by insured checking or savings ACH transfer or agency trust account ACH transfer. Premium financing does not work well for MWUA policies since the fully earned premium rule prevents return of unearned premium for most policy cancellation reasons including non-payment. The fully earned premium rule discourages most premium finance companies from advancing payments on MWUA policies. The 4 exceptions to the fully earned premium rule are: proof of property sold, proof of duplicate coverage placed with wind and hail coverage, total loss of covered property, or MWUA underwriting cancellations other than for non-payment of premium.

Who should an Applicant/Insured contact with questions about an MWUA policy?

Applicants/Insured’s should contact their servicing producer who should be able to assist them with any questions they may have concerning their MWUA policy.

Does MWUA offer Loss of Rents?


Does MWUA offer liability coverage?


Is there a minimum premium?

Yes. $150 on dwelling and mobile homes and $250 on commercial properties.

Are there any restrictions on mobile homes?

Mobile homes must be anchored and secured in substantial compliance with the Standard Building Code, including the design-wind requirements therein, and so certified by a local building inspector, contractor, engineer or architect.

Does MWUA insure farm property?


Does MWUA insure vacant property?


Can a policy be issued when there is a storm in the Gulf of Mexico?

Under no circumstances will MWUA bind for coverage or issue a policy in the event that a named storm has been declared by the NOAA (National Hurricane Center) to be within 80 degrees W Longitude and 20 degrees N Latitude.

When can coverage become effective?

Upon receipt of all necessary data, and if the location is considered to be acceptable, coverage is bound effective at 12:01 a.m., Standard Time, on the day following the date proper data was received, or effective the date mailed, if sent by certified mail, unless the application stipulates a later date.

Which counties are eligible for coverage through MWUA?

MWUA insures properties in George, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River and Stone Counties.

Does the Association automatically renew policies?

No. A Notice of Expiration and Renewal Quotation will be sent to the producer, insured and mortgage company (when applicable) prior to the policy expiration date.

Does an agent have binding authority?

No. An agent does not have any authority to bind coverage on behalf of the Association under any circumstances.

Can consumers apply for coverage with MWUA directly?

No. To apply for coverage with MWUA, consumers must contact a Mississippi Licensed Resident Agent.