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The Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association (MWUA) was established by House Bill 274 of the 1987 session of the Mississippi Legislature to provide a method whereby an adequate market for Windstorm and Hail Insurance may be provided in the Coastal Area of Mississippi. MWUA provides coverage for Windstorm and Hail perils only!



  • The MWUA  is operated and managed by specialized staff of the Mississippi State Rating Bureau. It's office is located at 6455 Wirtz Rd, Flowood, Mississippi.
    You may visit the MWUA at this location or contact them at MWUA, P O Box 5389, Jackson, Ms. 39296-5389.  Phone (601)981-2915 or E-Mail one of our staff listed in the Contact Us Section
  • The MWUA is administered by a Board of Directors and all rules and regulations are subject to the review of the Commissioner of Insurance. The Board of Directors consists of eleven members, five (5) representatives of the licensed insurance companies and three (3) representatives of insurance agencies (2 from the coastal area and 1 non-coastal) along with two (2) coastal business representatives and the State Treasurer.
  • Complete details on the changes to the MWUA following passage of House Bill 1500 during the 2007 Legislative session may be viewed here.  

Complete details concerning the Operation of the MWUA may be found in the Plan of Operation.