On March 23, 2020, we announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that the MS Plans (MWUA and MRPIUA) went to a virtual work format. During the past year like everyone we were presented with many challenges for our employees, the agent force and the insureds and are glad to announce that effective April 5, 2021, that the MS Plans were able to bring our employees back to the office with certain protocols.

We want to thank our employees for their commitment to the MS Plans and a thank you to the agents, member companies and our insureds for their willingness to work with us for the past year during these unprecedented challenges.  In addition to the COVID-19 issues we also had to deal with Hurricane ZETA in a virtual format which created an additional set of challenges that we are glad to say that we were able to address.

While we are back full force at the Office due to COVID-19 protocols and for everyone’s safety we are still limiting in-person meetings. 

We saw great results in the ability of everyone to work virtually and for their ability to use the respective portals and emails and would encourage everyone to continue to utilize the respective portals including agents, for the submission of applications as well as for payment of premiums.

Again, we just want to thank everyone for their assistance and help as we dealt with the issues created by this pandemic as everyone went to a virtual work environment.   We hope that everyone stayed safe during this crisis and lets hope for a better and safer future as everyone continues to recover from this pandemic.

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