About Us

About Us

The Mississippi Residential Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MRPIUA) was established by House Bill 1113 in the 2003 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature (“HB 1113”). HB 1113 amended Sections 83-38-1 et seq. of the Mississippi Code, which had previously established the Mississippi Rural Risk Underwriting Association (“MRRUA”). HB 1113 created the MRPIUA to replace the MRRUA. The purpose of the MRPIUA is as follows:

  1. To provide an adequate market for residential coverage insurance throughout Mississippi in order to insure its orderly growth and development.

  2. To provide adequate insurance upon property in all areas to enable home owners to obtain financing for the purchase and improvement of their property.

  3. To provide an equitable method whereby every licensed insurer writing fire and extended coverage in Mississippi is required to meet its public responsibility.

  4. To provide a mandatory Plan to assure an adequate market for fire and extended coverage throughout Mississippi to fulfill the purposes provided by the Mississippi Legislature.

The MRPIUA is a separate and independent entity that operates as a private enterprise governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of seven members, five (5) to be representatives of the member companies and two (2) licensed agents.

All rules and regulations are subject to the review of the Commissioner of Insurance.

The MRPIUA is operated and managed by the Mississippi State Rating Bureau.