3-23-2020 Update - MS Plans (MWUA and MRPIUA) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Workflow Changes

In response to the recommended protocol for battling the COV-19 pandemic, MS Plans (MRPIUA & MWUA) employees with remote website capability are now working remotely from their homes.  Only a minimum number of employees whose duties require a physical presence are working from our office.  Processing of policies is continuing from remote locations with little delay thus far.  Phone calls to office numbers are being transferred to employees at their remote locations.

To assist the processing effort, we encourage all correspondence be transmitted electronically via email if possible.  Please encourage uinsureds to remit policy payments via the policyholder service portal at http://service-mwua.iscs.com/ rather than mailing physical check payments. 

Using the ACH bank payment transfer payment system through the policyholder portal will help limit the physical requirements of processing paper checks.  Servicing agents should utilize the "Insurance Now (formerly called Surepower)" policy system to process  ACH agency trust, or authorized policyholder account, electronic premium payments.

We appreciate your assistance and patience as we work through the adjusted process and procedures related to a virtual work environment. We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy during this challenging period. 


MS Plans (MRPIUA & MWUA) Management Team


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